Our pride

Pyrotechnics & Fireworks Displays

Pyrotechnic displays ranging from small-scale indoor concerts to grand-scale outdoor aerial displays & pyromusicals. All our displays are tailored to fit our clients requirements, providing a great deal of flexibility in order to entertain all customers whatever their budget may be.

CO2 Jets & Guns

Amazing for indoor & outdoor concerts, night clubs, music festivals, wedding sangeets & parties.

Confetti & Streamers FX

A multitude of multicolored paper, streamers, etc. We offer a wide variety of colors and designs. Customized logo & flameproof confetti available upon request.

Flame FX

Fireball, comet flames, and other multiple Flame FX. Great for wedding dances, stage concerts, entries, etc.  

Coloured Smoke FX

Wide variety of multi coloured smoke shot up into the sky to produce the desired effect.